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Post  368875 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:54 pm

Is there a way to get a printed copy of the titles for the different newsletter articles or a downloadable copy to be able to do searches?




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Post  Administrator on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:56 pm

368875 wrote:Is there a way to get a printed copy of the titles for the different newsletter articles or a downloadable copy to be able to do searches?



Here is a list of the first 100 that Dental Senders provided.

There are over 200 other articles that were added by clients over the years. However, we no longer accept new articles from clients. If you want to send a unique or edited version you'll need to use the Campaign feature to do this.

1 2010 Insurance Benefits
2 Are You Thumbing Your Mouth At Me?
3 A Beautiful Smile Is Precious And Priceless
4 Sinusitis Got You Down?
5 The Great Amalgam Debate
6 Considering Dental Implants?
7 A Bite Out Of History
8 Cranberries Have Unique Benefit For Women
9 Getting The Point About Oral Piercing
10 Insurance and Recommended Treatment
11 Help! I Broke My Tooth!
12 Here, Use My Toothbrush...
13 Your Mouth Up Close And Personal
14 Child Safety: Poisoning
15 A Crowning Achievement
16 The Headache Question
17 A Toast To Good Health With Green Tea
18 What Are Dental Implants?
19 Does My Dental Insurance Pay?
20 Eating Right For Your Dental Health
21 Is Your Sore Cantankerous?
22 Invisible Braces Bring Visible Results
23 It's No Laughing Matter Or Is It?
24 Athletic Mouthguards For Protection And Performance
25 Dental Vaccines May Prevent Tooth Decay
26 Childs First Visit To The Dentist
27 Bonding Breakdown? Time for Ceramic Veneers
28 Xylitol: The Tooth Friendly Sweetener
29 Handling Dental Emergencies
30 Energy Drinks Healthy Or Not?
31 It's Not What it's Cracked Up To Be
32 Protrusions: Point Me In The Right Direction
33 New Vistas For The Frightened Dental Patient
34 Choosing A Toothpaste
35 Sippy Cup: Friend Or Foe?
36 Bridging The Gaps
37 Dental Health From Birth To Age 3
38 The Developing Dentition: What To Expect
39 Quality Dental Care
40 Are Baby Teeth Important?
41 Digital X-Rays: Safer And Improved Diagnosis
42 The Child's First Visit To The Dentist
43 On The Dark Side
44 Our Patients Are Bonded
45 The Instant Makeover
46 The Science And Art Of Smile Design
47 Tired Of Crooked Or Crowded Teeth?
48 Tired Of Having Stained Teeth?
49 Tired Of Having That Space Between Your Two Front Teeth?
50 Tired Of Having Worn Teeth?
51 Tired Of Old Discolored Fillings?
52 Whitening Your Smile
53 One Gorgeous Smile With LUMINEERS®️
54 Tooth Whitening In-Office Or At Home
55 The Implant Advantage For The Single Missing Tooth
56 We Believe In Infection Control!
57 Women's Dental Health Issues
58 Carbonated Beverages Are Bubble Trouble
59 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Cholesterol
60 Olive Oil And Other Vegetable Oils Better Than Animal Fats
61 Soft Drinks Not Hard To Swallow - Just Too Sweet
62 Eating Disorders Effect Millions
63 Calcium: An Important Dietary Need For Women
64 Diet A Big Factor In Controlling High Blood Pressure
65 Burning Mouth Syndrome Still A Mystery
66 Straighten Out And Smile Right
67 Changes In Orthodontics
68 Invisalign - Invisible Braces To Straighten Your Teeth
69 New Computer Technology Makes Invisible Braces Possible
70 The Right Age To Consider Orthodontics
71 What Can I Eat If I Am Wearing Braces?
72 Dental Teamwork Leads To Happy Patients
73 Surviving With Sensitive Teeth
74 Gagging And Dental Visits
75 Root Canal Treatment Saves Teeth
76 Gum Chewing: Helpful Or Harmful?
77 Guys And Dolls
78 Halitosis: Pew!
79 Oral Cancer Screenings Performed At Our Office
80 Pneumonia And Dental Plaque Link Found
81 Pregnancy And Oral Health
82 Preventing Gum Disease
83 Preventing Tooth Decay
84 Preventive Dentistry: Toothbrushing
85 Smoking And Your Mouth
86 Snoring: Can You Do Anything About It?
87 To Floss Or Not To Floss - That Is The Question!
88 X-Rays: Yes or No?
89 Gum Disease: No Big Deal-Right? Wrong!
90 Prevention: Let It Shine
91 Early Detection Of Oral Cancer Can Increase Survivability From Less Than 50% To 90%
92 Regular Dental Check-ups
93 Benefits Of Maintaining Your Teeth
94 Brushing And Flossing Especially Important During Orthodontic Treatment
95 Dental Sealants Prevent Decay
96 Setting Priorities For Good Dental Health
97 Ionic Toothbrush Brings New Technology To Oral Health Prevention
98 Ingredients In Some Mouthwashes Include Alcohol
99 New Ultrasound Toothbrush Powers Brushing To A New Feeling Of Clean
100 Mitral Valve Prolapse Ain't What It Used To Be

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