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Emergency and Congingency Planning Empty Emergency and Congingency Planning

Post  Administrator on Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:38 pm

Everyone backs up their data regularly, right (most of us everyday)?
Even with the most rigorous systems in place things still happen when you're least prepared.

Here's a couple of worst case scenerios and my first example happened to a client of ours:

1. Your office is robbed and your computets are stolen. Your backup unknown to you was off for weeks.
2. System Failure and no backup.
3 A flood and everything is destroyed.
4. A fire.

I know these things won't happen to you but they do happen. Be prepared.

It takes time to restore everything even with a successful backup.
1. You may have to buy new computers.
2. Reinstall your practice managemnet software.
3. Call your patients to let them know your opening hours for the coming days and weeks depending on the level of the disaster.
4. Schedule time with your outsourced IT team.

Dental Senders which is 100% free of charge for back up. email and text messages is there to help you during your time of need.

From any computer with an Internet connection you can log into your dental senders account and see all your patient contact information.
You can send a text and or email to all your patients letting them know what is going on. Maybe you just want to text those patients on the schedule for that day or week? Dental Senders does it all and we do it FREE. Another option (although not free) is to send a telephone call to all patients (or a select few).

At Dental Senders we have your back in a time of need. This feature is just one of our many free services. It takes only minutes to set up.
Sleep well knowing if there's an emergency we are here to help.

This feature should not be used to replace your regular backup as the data we have access to is limited.

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