Logo - How do I make my logo bigger on emails?

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Logo - How do I make my logo bigger on emails? Empty Logo - How do I make my logo bigger on emails?

Post  Administrator on Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:53 pm

Some clients have requested that their logo be bigger. While we would like that too sometimes it's just not possible with the free version of Dental Senders. It's not that we don't want to make your logo bigger but we really want to be able to deliver your emails into the patients Inbox.

Dental Senders is very successful in delivering emails to your patients Inbox. The percentage ratio of text to images/logos has to have a balance, otherwise it is recognized by email providers as spam.

Because Dental Senders is free to our clients (our partners pay for the service) we have to limit the size of all logos and images. For best results your logo should be square rather than rectangular in shape.

If you really require a bigger logo an alternative is to remove our partners logo's from your emails so that your logo is the only logo on the emails that are being delivered. However, the monthly fee is $99 per month (our competitors charge $299) because our partners would no longer be paying Dental Senders.

We are happy to provide you with two options 1. Free or 2. $99 per month. The choice is yours. What ever option you choose is a win for your business.

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