What is White List for emails?

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What is White List for emails? Empty What is White List for emails?

Post  Administrator on Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:38 pm

The White list is the term given so your email provider recognizes an incoming email address. Different email providers e.g. Hotmail, gmail, Webmail etc. have control over what emails get into your Inbox (often based on your custom settings).

Dental Senders has a 95% success rate of delivering emails into the Inbox. However, that’ no good to you if you are one of the 5%. To ensure that we deliver emails into your Inbox please do the following

1. Open up your email site. This is the actual delivery site e.g. your Hotmail, Gmail, Webmail etc. (not your Microsoft Outlook).
2. In your Contacts or Addresses add Dental Senders as a contact. Please add the following email addresses a) noreply@dentalsenders.com b support@dentalsenders.com
3. The above steps will ensure that we deliver emails 100% of the time to you.
4. You may also need to get your patients to do this too if they mention that they didn’t receive an email.
5. Finally, don’t forget to check your “Junk” or “Spam” mail as our email may have found it’s way in there. Mark our emails as "safe" or "Not spam" your email provider will give these options.

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